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Comprehensive eye examination

From 4 years to 65 years old, our patients receive a thorough eye examination making use of the most current technology. Cutting edge technology such as retinal imaging (coming soon), OCT (coming soon) and Corneal Topography provide the optometrist with superior views and more information, improving disease diagnosis.

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kroonstad optometrists
kroonstad optometrist

Contact Lenses

Soft and gas permeable contact lens fittings are provided at IC Optical.  We also specialise in fitting young children with contact lenses if necessary. Many new developments in the field of contact lenses are helping to alleviate the issues of the past

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Vision Therapy

Due to today’s increased academic demand on our children, vision related learning problems are more frequently identified.  These problems can be effectively remediated through vision therapy.  In addition, there are developmental and neurological issues such as ADD/ADHD which respond well to vision therapy.

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